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 The e23 745i and Turbocharged BMW Motor Topics
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 eta motor
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Posted - Mar 18 2007 :  19:39:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
kinda new to bmws I know the basics few Questions ,1- is the head on this motor the same as the 2.8 3.5 cyl spacing ect, 2- the intake was changed as per bmw ugrade? at least that is what the sticker says .3-is this motor really only good up to 4500 rpm or is it a rev limiter that stops it? and finally these are already low compression motors so I should be able to run a decent amount of boost without hurting the bottom end right? thanks for any info you can help me with!

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Posted - Apr 13 2007 :  16:09:27  Show Profile  Send Vern2765 an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Add a turbo and this [b!][b!][b!] will happen.
The head is only good to 4500 rpm and it is governed to that.
Unless you want to post a YouTube video of one blowing up, don't waste your money or time.

Head spacing is different.
If you really want to play, you could turbo an E46 3 series engine.

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Posted - Aug 03 2007 :  00:39:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i know its late , but its for the archieve now .
M20B27 are good for charging . they have low compression pistons already. and capacity of 2,7l .
you need to change the cyl head , to one ofthe 325i as it has bigger ports and better performance (eta has 122hp/129hp) and the 325i in the 2,5l form has 170hp .. talkin about european engines) .
if you want a forged crankshaft , you can take one of the 324tds M21 engine . proper injectors , camshaft , ECU and you have a long lastin 2,7l ~300hp engine .

also : 2,7l block , 2,5l head + 2,5l intake manifold + 324tds crankshaft
(if you go naturally aspirated you need full 2,5l injection system and high compression pistions , or you choose the 129hp eta with 10:1 compression build in '87) known from the engine block you will find this number (cant remember where ..) 256KB .. it must be KB , cuz KA is the 122hp ;) )
first do more researches , make sure and go for it ;)

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Posted - Oct 21 2009 :  09:23:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

The ETA 2.7 in America had quite a high compression ratio (9:1 if memory serves). However, this baby six could still have a turbo system fitted if boost is limited to 7 psi. Lots of allegedly weak engines have been turbocharged over the years, like the 4.9 liter in the 1980/81 Trans Am. For the BMW 528e I would get a second hand turbo system off the US spec 524td, which also used a version of the baby six. Get it from a BMW parts dismantler, should be cheap.

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