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 RIP: Bruce Cumming
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Posted - Mar 08 2009 :  18:03:11   View scottie's Photo Gallery  Show Profile  Visit scottie's Homepage  Send scottie an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Bill heard from a close friend of Bruce's that Bruce had passed away last night.
Bruce has been fighting prostate cancer for a year or so.

Bruce was one of the most passionate 745i fans in the world, if not THE most passionate.

Bruce was the kind of guy who swapped barbeque sauce with motor oil, drank with both hands,
worked on BMWs in his sleep and brought his trumpet to play at parties. He could make you laugh,
fix your car, drive you nuts, or give you one of the best hugs ever.

Bruce was a fountain of experience on BMWs of all variety - especially 745i's. Because of his
personality, I'm sure none of us will forget a single moment with him.

When he was on, he was spot on...
When he was off, he was way, way out there!!!

There was always a good "Bruce Post" once in a while to set your mind at ease:

And who could forget some of Bruce's greatest troubleshooting diagrams!!!!

And great moments captured in video:

Rest in peace brotha! We are going to miss you.

With love -

The 745i Club.

Scottie Sharpe
San Jose CA
Discussion Board SYSOP

88 Dinan M5
1968 2002

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Jon 86 745 MS
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Posted - Mar 08 2009 :  20:09:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If you were stranded in the middle of nowhere, Bruce was the guy you praied for to come by and stop. When he was on there was no stopping him. I have personaly watched bruce do some really strange things to cars and himself to figure out what was wrong. Once saw Bruce work on a 745 that had been in a Porche shop for a year that could not be made to run. He grabed a plug wire shoved a screw driver into the end and had us crank the car over. He proudly announced the car did not have enough spark. THe shop owner brought over a spark indicater and after turning the engine over sure enough weak spark. Got the car running in the matter of a few hours after it had been there a year. Afterwards he Don and I were off to the wine shop for a little celebration and a great sunset from the roof of Don's Mom's house.

I will miss him but he has left me some great memories.

Jon Jacobs
85 Korman 745i (AKA Das Borg) R.I.P.
86 745i (Die Rakete)(no mas :(
1.2 bar + Boost with
Team Performance Parts

Edited by - Jon 86 745 MS on Mar 08 2009 20:11:52
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Posted - Mar 10 2009 :  18:54:11  Show Profile  Visit Arctic745's Homepage  Reply with Quote

In Bruce's memory, a repost of his well published but spot on tuning tips. Works like a charm.

Rest well.

745: Setting Up a 745 / Tuning

First question, do you want steak or hamburger? Their is an order to this job that simply has to be followed in exact, I mean exact order.

1. (didn't see this on your list)Adjustment of the valves. .012 in. exactly, not .0125 or .0115, but .012 on the money.
2. .run injection cleaner.
3. Take a compression test(before wasting time and effort.
4. good compression, lets go.
5. .put wiring back to the way it came from the factory, this is a premapped system,a lot of time and money was spent to make this system perfect.
6. most important)Setting the tps sensors.Make sure throttle closes all the way + 1/4 turn to prevent binding. At idle, just when the throttle closes you must hear a click and the microswitch must close, 0 ohms. Next the three wire potentiometer needs attention. loosening the two screws will allow adjustment. wires are black, green, and orange. Pull three wire plug appart and measure voltage. keyon, between black and orange wire, orange being -.voltage should be somewhere between 4.5v and5v,some times a hair higher. next step, reconnect conector and back probe green and black wire, green being neg. Have someone push the throttle to full throttle(over kick, down)Adjust voltage to exactly 0.22v +/- 0.04 v. put the boot back on properly (yea it's bear, but it keeps things dry and cool).
7. check coolant temp sensor. 10C resistance =8.2-10.5 kohms 20C= 2.2-2.7 kohms 80C=0.3-0.36 kohms 8.If you have old plugs, wires, cap&roter, fuelfilter, airfilter, air boot, and most of all the smaller hoses from the intake through the cold air valve and the idle set screw valve, replace them. and Dont forget to check the vaccume line to the knockcontrol module very carfully. I said old, not good or bad for those who don't know the difference.
8. If by chance you didn"t gap your silver tip plugs at.028 on the money better go back and get it right, and I don"t mean platcrap plugs,they will screw up this system beyond your wildest dreams.
9. Setting your airflow meeter, Co and spring tension to work properly. this is what makes the 745 dance with a flash, run clean, without ping, and boost that you know is there as soon as the throttle is pushed until it's released.

The rest of this article will be displayed on Jens(Mr.745)(my buddy) new 745I sight next week if I get enough responces of people interested in the continuation of this article. And maybe if all is good "the complete 745 turbo from start to finish, everything and more, an answer to every question you have ever dreamed of and then some, and I mean everything!!! Better ask Jens if you want it, he's the man who can get it there, only one.

Chow for now Bruceerc.
H&B BMW Berkeley, Calif."


87 M6
04 325xiT
07 335i Sedan
84 745i - retired
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Posted - Mar 11 2009 :  09:31:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Never had the experience of meeting Bruce but heard some good stories from those that had.I know you guys in the Bay are a tight group and I am sorry for your loss. I will raise a glass in memory of Bruce. Johnny

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Posted - Mar 11 2009 :  17:02:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No doubt that Bruce was as special as they get. I keep this pic because it says it all for me- title is "sweet idle"
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Posted - Mar 11 2009 :  20:11:19   View 733plus's Photo Gallery  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is very sad. Every so often when I see a 745 I wondered what happened to Bruce.

He was one of the most unique people I've ever met. A true Bay Area denizen...very eccentric but also very brilliant. He was a walking BMW Blue Book. I never saw him play the trumpet, though...
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Jon 86 745 MS
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Posted - Mar 14 2009 :  16:52:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Don, that looks like my car! Nice picture, very smooth.

Eric, I remember you letting Bruce drive your car down in Hemmit. As a passenger he scared the S&!T out of me. We worked on a lot of cars that weekend. It was like Bruces sick car clinic. When I think about it I almost want to cry. You are right a little ecentric but all in all a good guy.

Jon Jacobs
85 Korman 745i (AKA Das Borg) R.I.P.
86 745i (Die Rakete)(no mas :(
1.2 bar + Boost with
Team Performance Parts
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Posted - Mar 15 2009 :  10:53:29   View joee's Photo Gallery  Show Profile  Visit joee's Homepage  Send joee a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I am proud to say that Bruce holds a very special place in my heat. He was a special friend.
I will miss him. Bruce took me and my first 745 under his wing when I needed my head gasket replaced. Watching him bless the job with wine was a nice touch. He could drive you crazy at times but I would not trade a single moment I spent with him. His heart was always in the right place. So many good times come to mind when I think of him, even the ones that got me in trouble with my wife. (Working on my car at 3am in the morning in down town Oakland after spending the day racing around the wine country.) So much fun I forgot to call home. I love you Bruce and Ill never forget you.

Joe E.

Originally posted by Bruce Cumming

When they quit, they bunch up and fix em. Not just tape and gum. Just ask Joe. Head gasket bloown between #5&6, Ok, it just needs a new engine. NO!!! Wait a minute, we got a bottle of wine and plenty of muscle, plus a special guest in town, let's play ball. Slaped, shot, dismantaled completly. Port & pollish with plenty of wine, new chain, gaskets,cam,rockers,flowtested injectors,a chipped computer, and more love and determination than one could imagine. Every part smooth,stroked,engineered to perfection. A couple of days and just finishing touches remain. It,s a marverl to look at,Insert
and you just feel how much heart is inside. Thank you Don,Jon& Son,Joe,Victor,Scott and all supporters,cooks,and bartenders. This, I have to say is going to be a hard one to beat, so much love. In my time I have seen and assembled thosands of engines, always hoping for that onece in a life time effort and result. All I can say is I KNOW, I JUST KNOW!~!!!!!!`````!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will make a video so you can see what I'm talking about,Wolf,Wolf,Wolf...............Bruce,...the quit one.

Link to my photo gallery

Edited by - joee on Mar 15 2009 18:10:12
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Posted - Mar 17 2009 :  05:18:46   View Panzer's Photo Gallery  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Truly a great loss. I used to read and then re-read Bruce's posts on exhaust design constantly. I hope you're in a better place now Bruce.

1988 E32 735i w/M106 [aka Panzermobile]
1986 Jaguar XJS V12
2002 Nissan Pathfinder

Never use any force ... just get a bigger hammer.

Edited by - Panzer on Mar 17 2009 05:21:37
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Posted - Aug 03 2010 :  15:19:37  Show Profile  Visit Jens's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good Day to everyone who still knows me.

I just found this I was in tears seeing Bruce passed on :-(
He was such a great guy for all of us.

I have been out of touch for some years now,
but would LOVE to come back and help people again,
that is if people still need me?????????

I know live in Denver Colorado

Sincerely Yours JENS

Sincerely Jens
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Posted - Nov 08 2010 :  23:55:39  Show Profile  Send Vern2765 an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Very sorry to hear of Bruce's passing. He was a fountain of knowledge and instruction. We all owe Bruce a debt of gratitude. May his soul rest in peace.

Vern 86 Sonderlakierung 745i
88 Jag VDP (Neglected stepchild)

Own 'em, drive 'em,
learn about 'em,
fix 'em, love 'em!

Get a Pro portfolio by
Evan Wollenberg
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